Young People in Business

Young People in Business (18 - 31)

Starting a new business may seem daunting if you are young and have very little commercial experience. Even if you have a brilliant idea, you may be unsure of how to write a business plan or launch a new product or service. Raising money to fund your business may be hard if you have no track record.

There are many examples of young people running successful businesses. With the right guidance and support, you can follow in their footsteps.

The Business Development Team can provide advice to help you make the first step into the world of business as easy as possible. Support includes:

  • marketing your business
  • researching and preparing your business plan
  • working out the best way to finance your business

The team can also put you in touch with specialist organisations who can assist you with:

  • Tax and VAT issues
  • book-keeping and credit control
  • ICT and website development