IT Apprenticeships

Your Apprentice of Today, is Your Business of Tomorrow

Swansea IteC have been delivering I.T. based apprenticeships for many years throughout Wales, and are currently working with many Organisations such as yourselves.

The aim is to raise the awareness of the Apprenticeship schemes currently running in Wales and the opportunity to consult with yourselves in more detail.

Did you know that the Welsh Government believes in and supports Apprenticeships in Wales as they fuel the future essential skills base of our nation?

Apprenticeships in Wales help to inspire success in the individual and bring huge benefits to the workplace. As a provider of I.T. Apprenticeships since 1984, Swansea ITeC, in conjunction with the Welsh Government can help you take advantage of the currently offered initiatives to encourage Employers to recruit more apprentices.

One of the most popular is the Young Recruits Programme. This an all Wales programme that provides funding to Employers who offer high quality apprenticeship programmes to young apprentices (16 – 24 years old).

As an Employer you may have existing staff who would benefit from an Apprenticeship Programme, as they could be “upskilled” within a defined framework tailored to your Business’s requirements.

“What is an Apprenticeship”?

  • This is a work based programme, tailored to your Business’s requirements.
  • The apprentice works towards nationally recognised qualifications.
  • ITeC can offer both I.T. User and I.T. Practitioner (technical) qualifications routes.
  • This is an “All Age Programme

“Why take an Apprentice “?

  • Benefit from improved productivity.
  • Encourage staff retention.
  • Build key skills relevant to “YOUR” Business.
  • “Young Recruits Programme” can carry Welsh Government funding of up to £2600.
  • Upskill existing staff with unique skills relevant to your Business’s needs.

For further information, contact Swansea ITeC on 01792 464561 or

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