Free Welsh Language Advice

Free Advice for Businesses to use more Welsh

The Welsh Language Board helps businesses of all sizes to use more Welsh. They help businesses to use Welsh by:

Helping businesses to plan and manage their use of Welsh

The Welsh Language Policy Template is free and helps to assess the use of Welsh in business, and to plan and manage increase over time.

Helping people to use Welsh at work

Link Line to Welsh offers free short translations and proof-reading and can offer the following free services:

• Translate up to 30 words.

• Proofread up to 75 words.

• Translate menus of all kinds.

• Provide information on all aspects of Wales and the Welsh language.

The Working Welsh (Iaith Gwaith) scheme is a symbol for customers to recognise that staff can speak Welsh. If you are a business or an organisation and you have Welsh speaking staff, you should consider ordering free badges for them.

Helping businesses to draw attention to their use of Welsh

The Investing in Welsh scheme recognises businesses that welcome the use of Welsh. The Choose Welsh scheme identifies customer services that are offered in Welsh.

Publishing advice documents, offering guidance to businesses and setting standards and good practice on how to use Welsh.

The Welsh Language Board have published several documents to share good practice and suggestions for standard methods of using Welsh, so that businesses and people can work in the same convenient and consistent way across Wales.

If you would like to know more about any of the schemes listed above, then please visit the Welsh Language Board website.

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