Asset Sponsorship

Opportunities to advertise your Business
Sponsorship of Neath Port Talbot’s assets is a highly effective opportunity for businesses to raise their profile and promote their name to thousands of potential customers each day.

Feature your company on our:

[1] Roundabouts
[2] Verges
[3] Lighting Columns


Opportunities for local companies to advertise their businesses on selected highway roundabouts have been in place for a number of years and local businesses have found it a highly effective marketing platform.

The Council, together with its partner Immediate Solutions, is now extending the opportunities for local businesses to advertise on additional selected locations including verges and lighting columns on main routes in and out of Neath Port Talbot and the surrounding areas.

What are the benefits?

• Brand Exposure - your brand will be seen by thousands of motorists using the roads 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• Landmarking and support for your local community – if the selected asset is located close to your business, the asset will both promote your location and commitment to the local area.

• Enhancements - an opportunity to be seen to be involved in enhancements and regeneration within your area.

Who should I Contact?

Immediate Solutions operate the day to day running of the scheme.
If you would like more information or wish to discuss the opportunities to advertise your business, you can contact the team direct either by phone: [01422] 354300 or E-mail:

Are there any restrictions on advertising?

The Council has prepared the following guide which outlines the parameters for sign content and design:

NPT Sign Parameters

Asset Sponsorship Location Map