Severe Winter Weather

Helping Businesses Plan for Severe Winter Weather

The Cabinet Office, in partnership with the Business Continuity Institute and Emergency Planning Society has recently produced the ‘Business Continuity for Dummies’, an essential ‘survival’ guide for companies to help them deal with major disruptions caused by challenges such as flooding, severe weather or a pandemic influenza outbreak.

The guide has been written with business in mind, recognising that companies do not always have the money, time and resources to prepare or deal with the consequences of a major disruption. It provides therefore, simple, and for the most part inexpensive, ‘how to’ measures to deal with difficulties ranging from being let down by one of your key suppliers all the way through to understanding the key processes and vulnerabilities of a particular business. This can include:

  1. Being aware of the risks faced by the business and the consequences if affected by a major disruption;
  2. Ensuring continuity plans are in place that match the business, fitting in with what it does, its size, its resources, where it is based, and how it works;
  3. Making sure all levels of staff within the business are involved and aware of continuity plans so they know what their role is and understand how a disruption would affect those both inside and outside the business.

The guide can be purchased from a number of outlets on-line and further information can be found at:

 Additional information can be found on the Joint Resilience web site to help you manage your business continuity arrangements, including free downloads and templates: