Bridging the Energy Gap

Bridging the Energy gap

Baglan Energy Park

A planning application has been submitted for a bridge which will link both sides of Baglan Energy Park.

The bridge will span 5 railway lines, joining together the existing Brunel Way and Central Avenue near the Baglan Innovation Centre.  This will allow easier and better access to and within the Energy Park for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

The bridge is expected to cost in the region of £6 million pounds and take about 12 months to build.

Gareth Nutt Head of Property and Regeneration for NPTCBC said: "Baglan Energy Park is a significant employer in the area and this bridge will open up further development and regeneration opportunities. Also travel by vehicle, public transport, cycling or walking within and through the park will be made easier. The bridge will complement the Harbour Way project which is opening in October providing another through access route for businesses, local residents and visitors south of the motorway."