Illegal Trade Waste Disposal

Council Targets Illegal Trade Waste Disposal

Neath Port Talbot Council is currently undertaking an exercise which aims to ensure that residents do not foot the bill for the disposal of commercial waste.

Two local businesses have recently been fined for failing to produce their waste transfer notes, the documents which confirm how and where all the waste generated by their activities is deposited.

Local authorities have a duty to collect domestic waste free of charge, but not commercial waste. Businesses have to arrange for the disposal of all of the waste which they produce.

Waste from the two businesses was regularly being found in local public litter bins, leading to a legal notice being served on them. Failure to respond to this meant that a fixed penalty notice to the value of £300 was served on the proprietors.

As part of their 'duty of care' all waste producers have a responsibility to keep transfer notes for a period of two years and must show them if and when required.

Given the potential for a fixed penalty notice, for each failure to produce the necessary documents, it doesn't pay as a business not to have a proper trade waste agreement in place. Checking that businesses can produce 'duty of care' documents has been agreed as part of the Council's Waste Strategy.

Council Leader Cllr Ali Thomas said: "Whilst the vast majority of enterprises are going about their business in a responsible manner, those that don't are placing a significant burden on local taxpayers."

"Increasingly strict recycling targets and the additional costs of disposal mean that illegal commercial waste puts further pressure on public services which are already facing dramatic funding cuts."

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