Swansea University Placement

Swansea University School of Management Placement Schemes

The School of Management is actively seeking industrial partners to offer placement options to our students. We are seeking employers who offer six or twelve month student work placements in a diverse range of business operations areas.

As well as offering first class training to possible future employees, the benefits to your business are many. Our students are motivated, articulate and eager to learn. They can be given short-term project work, can move between departments and can offer some up to date specialist knowledge about their subject area.

If you believe that this is something your company can offer our students then please see: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/som/studenthub/placements/ for further information or contact somplacements@swansea.ac.uk


BSc Business Management Final Year Projects

The final year project is a core part of all undergraduate BSc Business Management programmes. Teams of 4 - 5 students work together to complete a change project set by your organisation.

Types of projects vary significantly and can encompass any aspect of the organisation. Topics could include a marketing research study for a new product, operational change planning, lean improvement, human resources studies, sales strategy, stock market analysis – or anything that you think is an issue you want addressed.

Our students offer a wide and varied skill set and, working together, can bring a wealth of specialist knowledge and ability to your organisation. Each project is supervised by a member of academic staff and the Student Mobility office works with students and the partner company to maximise the benefits of the relationship.

For more information please see: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/som/engagement/studentprojects/ or email somplacements@swansea.ac.uk