Lead Wales Information Session

Lead Wales Information Session at Sandfields Business Centre

Delivered by Swansea University and recognised by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) the Leading Growth in Production Programme is designed to accompany businesses on the journey to becoming business leaders, providing the essential support, advice and guidance to the enhanced leadership skills that are a catalyst for business success in today’s global economy.

Lead Wales


12 Businesses based at Sandfields Business Centre attended the presentation which was hosted by Tony Burnett. Of the business that attended from the Centre 7 have already signed up to the Lead Wales programme with a further 2 businesses very interested in joining the scheme very shortly.

Andrea Kennedy of Destek Accessible Technology Ltd a business that is based at Sandfields Business Centre and has already completed the Lead Wales Programme was the guest speaker to those in attendance at the event. Andrea said:

“The lead Wales course was inspiring. Not only did it lead me to become a better organisational leader but also allowed me to understand both my strengths, and weaknesses and create a plan to action them.

In the space of the year that I was present on the course, I developed my company from employing two people to employing six with more expansion planned for next year. We more than doubled our turnover and have created numerous new services to suit our customer’s needs.

My business partner has also recently completed the course which has enabled us to think as one and we are now venturing into international markets which none of our competitors has yet done.

I would heartily recommend this course to any small business owner or manager to help them recognise and develop their own abilities and to work ON the business not just IN the business.”

Tony Burnett added: ‘The businesses that have already enrolled to join the programme will see a big difference to the way they think about operating their businesses going forward and their leadership skills will be significantly developed and enhanced as they progress through the programme which will enable them to spot opportunities to maximise future growth potential for their businesses.’

For further details on the programme please visit:  http://www.leadwales.co.uk/en/index.htm or contact Tony Burnett on 01792 606684.